Kid Soldier, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth & Mungo long Kid Striker, Riff Raff, Cleo, Leroy, and Kitten Xiaolin & Beast Soldress, Wolf Talon & Kid Javelin & Dixie are in a Meeting with Phoenix & the Military government to see what general mace is Planning Now. General mace is planning to Used Russian Technology Weapons by Releasing Super Metallic Robots & army called Unit Ravelin & Machines to Wipeout Humanity and Making Powerful Sky fortress Base in the air and a Sea Fortress and Ground fortress to send an Imperial Arsenal army to obliterate the Military troop force 9. But New 3 allies Called Kid Trooper, Kid Ninja & Kid Projector & Kid soldier and His friend’s old allies The File Squadron Kid Flaiger, Rank, Moe, Bo & Flow Join the Fight against mace’s attempt plan once again. Kid Strider, Kid Spectral, Kit Raider & Kid Scout are also Help to stop the imperial forces in New War Battle Fight General mace’s new Deadly Fighting Army masters and Soldiers to put a stop to this new 2nd tyrant.
Kid Soldier and His Team Must get all 22 Artifacts the Alchemy Stones & the High energy Requiem powered gems before General Mace gets them to His Hands to Two Titans of Pandemonium Destruction named Massacre & Indecerator.

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